Peugeot HX1 Hybrid4 MPV

30 Aug, 2011 | category - Vehicles | 27 photos | 1618 visits

The power plant will consist of the car 2.2-liter 204-strong diesel engine, which works in tandem with 6-speed manual and 95-horsepower electric motor. At the same diesel engine drives the front wheels and electric motor - rear.

One hundred kilometers of the road concept spends only 3.2 liters of diesel fuel, releasing into the atmosphere with 83 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. In addition, about 30 kilometers hybrid can overcome one electric, with a lithium-ion batteries the car can be recharged from ordinary household outlet.

In addition, the concept gave incredible aerodynamics. Not only is the line of the body most streamlined, so also each of the spokes on a wheel drive while moving a special deflector is disclosed, which closes the gap to the adjacent spokes - so the French decided to fight the "unnecessary" by air currents. Of course, the model is equipped with an active spoiler that changes its configuration depending on the speed, and skirts the rapids, which can also change the angle of attack.

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