18-Year-Old Girl Has Britain’s Most Beautiful Face | Celebrities

18-Year-Old Girl Has Britain’s Most Beautiful Face

24 Apr, 2012 | category - Celebrities | 7 photos | 12392 visits

Artists and sculptors have tried to find the ideal proportions of the human face for centuries. This girl has been born with them. Meet the winner of the “Britain’s Most Naturally Beautiful Face” contest Florence Colgate.

Florence, an 18-year-old student with a Saturday job at a seaside food shop, has beaten 8,000 entrants to win the contest that prohibited the use of any make up, plastic surgery or chemical enhancements. Her face was considered to have the ideal proportions of the eyes, mouth, forehead and chin.

Female face is said to be the most attractive when the distance between the pupils is about half the width of the face from ear to ear, and the space between the eyes and the mouth makes one third of the distance form hairline to chin. Florence has these ratios equal to 0.44 and 0.328 respectively, not to mention that her face is also almost perfectly symmetrical.

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