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Last flight of shuttle Endeavour

25 Sep, 2012 | category - Others | 27 photos | 4875 visits

The U.S. space shuttle Endeavour, mounted on a jet plane, made its farewell flight over the sights of Los Angeles and San Francisco. At low altitude the shuttle flew over the audience in more than 20 iconic locations in Los Angeles, including Disneyland and the Silicon Valley. In San Francisco, the shuttle has reduced the height of the bridge, "Golden Gate."

Endeavour - the second of the three remaining shuttles, which expects a "nursing home." In April, Discovery arrived at his hangar at the Smithsonian Institute in Virginia. Atlantis, which will close the shuttle program, will remain in Florida. He will soon be towed a short distance from the Kennedy Space Center. Endeavour is expected in a few weeks trip through the streets of Los Angeles at the California Science Center.

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