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Noah's ark in full size

12 Dec, 2012 | category - Others | 12 photos | 5249 visits

A full-scale copy of Noah's Ark in three years built Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers by running enthusiasts. Johan Huibers built his Noah's Ark in strict accordance with the description in the Bible, the ark of the Dutch has a length - 133.5 m (300 cubits), width - 22.25 m (50 elbows), and the height - 13,35 m (30 elbows) . As befits a Noah's ark, there are representatives of all possible animals' pair of every creature "- though plastic mannequins. The only problem, and the discrepancy is that the Old Testament Ark was built from a mythical gopher wood (possibly cypress or cedar), and modern metal housing made ​​of old barges topped with Scandinavian pine. Ark classified as a building, but not the ship, so his permanent location chosen in a small harbor town of Dordrecht (Netherlands).

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