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Russian S-class - ZiL 4102, part 4102

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A revolutionary model for this class of Russian self-supporting car body. The roof, floor, trunk lid and engine compartment and the bumpers are made of fiberglass. As a result, limo weighs half a ton less than 41,041, although it is longer than 50 cm with the Volga.

The final design has nothing to do with Siver Spirit. Appearance of the car combines more features of Cadillac Fleetwood and Volvo 700.

Unlike innovative solutions in design and workmanship of the body, changes in mechanical plan are many. ZIL-4102 is equipped with automatic transmissions and V-shaped eight-cylinder engine of the old model. The engine displacement is 7.68 liters and power 315 hp

Because of the reduced weight, however limousine accelerates to 100 km / h much faster than its predecessor - of 10.5 seconds and top speed exceeding 200 km / h. Is improved and fuel consumption. At a speed of 90 km / h ZIL-4102 spent "only" 18 liters per 100 km and at 120 km / h - 21 liters.

Inside there are no folding seats for security so that all luxury is available to the driver and three passengers. Individual rear seats can be adjusted using electric dvigatelcheta, the ceiling has a module for lighting control and air and the floor has folding legs collars senior passengers.

As with its predecessor, the front seats are separated by massive transmission tunnel, so that passengers like sitting in the four corners of the huge hall, cultivated with white suede, leopard rugs and wooden decorations.

Luxurious atmosphere complemented electric windows, radio receiver with electronic tuning, CD player and sound system with 10 speakers. The car is equipped with an onboard computer with voice synthesizer, and for reasons of reliability of the units and electrical systems are duplicated.

Unfortunately, difficult economic situation in the USSR in the late '80s block any initiatives for placing the ZIL-4102 into production. The project remained only two prototypes shown at various exhibitions during the 90s. In 2000 one of the saloons has been registered by a private individual, then lost track of her.

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