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Tibetan monastery-fortress Key Gompa

08 Jan, 2013 | category - Others | 18 photos | 9105 visits

Key Gompa - one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. It is located in the valley of Spiti in the heart of the Indian Himalayas. To get here is not easy, because the monastery is built at an altitude of 4166 meters above sea level. Here, starting from the 11th century, trained llamas, today in this training center is home to about 300 people.

According to one version, the monastery was built after the nearby village Rangrik destroyed monastery. Key Gompa is home to three hundred monks, who in the warmer months is treated the surrounding land. It is believed that the monastery was founded Dromton, a student of a famous teacher Atisha, in the 11th century.

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