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Venezuela, 1953 - the second USA

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In 1916, Venezuela had the first oil well in the lake. Maracaibo. In 1926, the country reached the 2nd place in the world (about 11%, after the United States) for the extraction of oil. Petrodollars flowed a river already. In 1951, foreign companies are preferential concessions for the exploitation of oil fields of the country. In 1952 established another military dictatorship of Colonel P. Jimenez, actively supported the U.S. in the fight against international communism.
In 1953, the correspondent of the "Life" Cornell Capa traveled to Venezuela and made ​​a stunning report on all aspects of life in this country.
The overall impression of this story is this: a Venezuelan petrodollars American specialists build in Venezuela second U.S., "turnkey", playing on foreign soil, not only all the elements of material culture, and the American way of life.

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