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Garage Full of Corvettes

02 Nov, 2014 | category - Vehicles | 44 photos | 3769 visits

In 1988, the music channel VH1 has arranged an unusual marathon, the winner of which would receive the grand prize - 36 cars Chevrolet Corvette. Full line at the moment - all models from 1953 to 1989 (model 1983 was missed, because in his time was taken out of production). To participate in the marathon had to make a call to the studio, which costs $ 2. Participation took about one million Americans. The winner was Dennis Amodeo - carpenter from Long Island. But instead of the prize he received a very satisfactory compensation, because the collection of Peter Max bought - a contemporary American artist psihodelist. He planned to use a collection of machines in some art project, but something is not made, and cars stood in disparate garages for more than 25 years. Finally, the two families - Heller and Spinler - persuaded the artist to sell his entire collection and is now in full swing refurbish cars, with the participation of specialists from Chevrolet. Restored cars planned to sell later.

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